Monday, March 1, 2010

A note my husband wrote

March will be an eventful month for our family.
Nicole is pregnant-miserable but thankfully she is doing well, no serious complications. She is scheduled for a C-section on Friday, March 12th at noon. Right now we call the baby boy, Baby-X. We have a few names picked out but nothing defininte yet.
Ammon will be a sweet big brother. Sabrie makes me fear for our new baby's life. She is very possessive. At least once a day I hear "My mommie" or "My daddy" from her. She has also recently started telling people "My Ammy." Anyone comes near Nicole or me and Sabrie calls down the thunder and lightning. It's cute in a way, but when the new baby comes I think Sabrie will have a rude awakening. Hopefully we can include Sabrie and make her feel the baby is "My baby" and not competition for mommy and daddy.
March 6th is also an important date for us. We will be going to the Jordan River temple to be sealed together as a family. Some of you may not believe in the LDS church, but hopefully you'll still be happy for us as this is something meaningful and special to us.
I finally decided to test for sergeant. I passed the first phase. We'll see how the rest goes.
Nicole and I had a surreal moment. We began the process of registering Ammon for kindergarten. I can't believe how big he's getting. I'm so proud of him. Sometimes he's got a sassy mouth, but that kid has a big, loving heart. He's smart and friendly and I'm confident he'll do well in school.
Anyway, I just wanted to share some of what's going on in our family. Hope all of you are doing well.