Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fun family collage

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Saved by vomit

So I was driving to work yesterday and my baby girl had an empty water bottle that she was playing with. She managed to get the lid off and then put it into her mouth. I heard a funny noise so I turned around and noticed she was choking. I panicked, pulled over on Bangerter and started to get out of the car ready to do the heimlich. She started to vomit and it pushed the lid out of her throat. I was so relieved. She was so scared. Puke everywhere and I didn't care one bit. My baby was ok. I have learned my lesson. Babies can get things off you wouldn't think they could. Make sure to keep these objects outta reach!

Blessing from a 3 year old

So last week we were all sick with the dang flu again. Brian got it real bad. He had a fever of a 102. Every night before bed we read Ammon a story and have prayer. Before we started the prayer I told Ammy that Daddy was real sick and we needed to make sure and ask Heavenly Father to help Daddy to feel better. Then Ammon stood up and placed his hands on top of Brian's head and started to pray. It was the cutest thing ever. After the prayer he asked Brian if he felt better. Brian said yes, not a sick. Ammon was so happy. He is so darling and the brightest light on a darkened night.

Freed from prison

So it is finally done. God heard me...when for so long I wondered if I was forgotten. The man who stole so much from our family was sent to prison. He will be there for the next 3 to 15 years. It hurts my heart to know he is there, but it also frees my heart to know he is there. No longer will I see this man doing whatever he wants with no guilty conscence while I suffer wondering why? He is in a place where people have to go when serious crimes are committed. Our family can now heal knowing that justice was served. My Grandmother got to hear the words "I am sorry" from her husbands mouth for the first time in 62 years. For that I am truly grateful. She is the most amazing and loving woman. She deserves so much more than that man ever gave her. The judge said every word that I have waited so many years to hear. I believe that someone else moved him to say those things. I was not forgotten..... Thank you lord, thank you for every soul who helped me do what had to be done. I love you all.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Jesus wants Ammy for a sunbeam....

So I am totally a lost soul trying to find answers.... I really am unsure what is true and what is not anymore. I am trying to find out what is real. I was raised a mormon and I do love the church. But I just am trying to see if it is what is in my heart at this time. Anyway enough about me... Brian was off work on Sunday so we took the kiddos to church. We hardly ever go, because Brian works most Sundays and I suck at controling the demons on my own. I feel I don't even get anything from it so why bother??? So we went this Sunday. It was nice. The people in the ward actually noticed me and my family. I even went to Relief Society... Yikes.... They were really sweet. And for the frist time in my life I enjoyed it. Sabrie was very good and let me listen. I met a couple of women who I could see being wonderful friends. Anyway before we went to go to class after Sacrament we went to go drop off little Ammy at nursery. Lo and behold little Ammy is a big boy now and no longer belongs in the nursery. He is a stinkin sunbeam!!! I can't believe my baby is in primary... He was sooo scared and didn't want me to leave him. So I sat on a tiny chair next to my baby who is now a big boy and we learned about how important Daddy's are. It was so cute and uncomfortable. He then felt brave enough to go on his own with Sister Moss to his class. And I let him go.... My heart worried that he would be ok... He was and next week he was invited to say the prayer, which he loves to do. So now I have to get him there to fulfill his duties. It is my responsibility to make sure he learns in everyway, no matter what I do or don't believe. So I am really going to make an effort to get my son to sister moss......Maybe God will still let me into heaven if I do this one thing for my kids... Even if I am not worthy in other ways.....One thing I am sooo excited for is the day when the primary kids sing in front of sacrament. I will probably cry my eyes out.