Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter 2009

Ammon during one of the many hunts this year...He is such a great egg finder!

Daddy holding the rugrats while waiting for our neighborhood Easter Egg hunt to start...Sabrie is ready to go...

Daddy and Sabrie. She was so good at finding eggs this year. She would get soo excited when she would see an egg. Mommy held the bucket for her while she found the eggs and put them in. We made a great team.

I love this picture of my cute little family! They all actually smiled! Happy Easter everyone! We love you so much!

Costco bunny

Ammon saw the Easter Bunny at costco so on the way out we said he could go see him. Ammon got all upset so we decided to not visit him afterall...Then we got in the car and Ammon started bawling that he wanted to see the bunny....so I pulled over in front of the store and daddy took Ammy to see him...Ammy started to cry once placed on the bunny's lap...so daddy stepped in with him...This is what came out. Hoppy Easter!

Ammon's Valentine

For Valentines Day this year we got super romantic! Monster Jam!!! Ohh yeah baby, I know you are jealous! Ok maybe not...So it was a very special thing for our son. We promised him that if he went poo on the potty like a big boy all the time that we would take him. He loves...loves...LOVES...Monster Trucks! We had such a great time. Ammon was so happy. It was really noisy so mom reached into her magic bag of wonders and found some headphones. Ammon put them on and he felt mucho bettero.... Anyhoo we were sure entertained and had a lovely time with our handsome son. Go El Toro Loco!!!

Help us!!! It's Jayson

Brian and I went to a movie a little while back and we saw the cardboard cutout of Jason from Friday the 13th. We just had to strike the pose! Help.....

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Just call me jerky

So ever since my little boy came into this magnificent world I have had some weird things happen to me. My head occasionally will feel like all the blood is rushing to it, and it will pulse. I have dizzy spells and vertigo. Then even weirder my head involuntarily jerks to one side and I will grunt or make a weird noise. So 3 years have gone by and it is getting much worse. I jerk around 15 times a day. It has created some serious neck pain for me and not to mention it is very embarrassing. So I decided to go see a neurologist. I met with the doctor and he thinks that I have Tourette's Syndrome. It usually comes on before the age of 18 but for some it can come on in adulthood. It is a genetic problem where the brain misfires.. Anyhoo it can only be treated with anti psychotic drugs or anti-depressants. Both of which I am not interested in until my jerking gets so bad I will consider. He had me go see a heart specialist too because I have been having the dizzy spells. They had me do a bubble test where they inject air into your arm and watch it pass through the heart on an ultra sound. That looked good. I wore a heart monitor for 24 hours and that was a pain in the butt, I will know the results on Monday afternoon for all the heart stuff. My doctor also wanted to rule out any other possibilities for my head jerking so he had me go in for an MRI and MRA. I did that on Monday and will know the results on the 15th. So as long as I don't have any tumors or any aneurysms in my brain then I have Tourette's syndrome. Who would have thought? I am kinda freaking out. So if you are ever with me and you see me jerking my head and making funny noises you will understand...Shizz....