Monday, May 18, 2009

May Updates

BRIAN: Mr. Goeckeritz has been extremely busy this month. He is working so hard to get the blasted yard project of death completed. He hand poured a cement pad in the front and back yard. He built a lovely retaining wall, and is working on making us a very nice flagstone patio. He came with me to the locker room cleanout and helped me carry my winnings. We went and saw Star Trek wich he loved...time travel and all. He is such a loving and helpful hubby. I am so lucky to have married him!

NICOLE: I have been up to alot of softball mania! I play on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday nights. I absolutely love it! It makes me feel so good! I am loving the sunshine and the smell of the ballpark. I have really been missing my Dad in St. George and can't wait to go see him and Grandma Kim. I had so much fun at the locker room cleanout and made a haul. I got autographed shoes, practice jersey's, shorts, undies, socks, wrist bands, warm-ups, jacket, and a year supply of coke products! It was awesome! I love the dang Jazz!

AMMON: Ammon has been playing T-ball. It is his first year. He is so cute out there. Before his first game he told me that he was going to hit the ball off the earth. I laughed so hard. He gets so excited when he catches the ball. I am so proud of my little slugger! He is such a wonderful little helper for me. He really cares so much for his family. He truly has a heart of gold. P.s. Don't mess with his sister or he will go crazy on you....

SABRIE: My little princess is growing up so fast. She loves to sing, talk, and dance! She is so much fun. The other day was kindof a rough one for her though. It all started at the local Tim Dahle Nissan. I had to take my car in to get it serviced. Brian was supposed to meet me there. I had both kids with me and we were waiting after we dropped the car off for Brian to pick us up. While waiting Sabrie sneezed and a whole bunch of snot came shooting out all over. She started to wipe it into her hair and I was yelling at her to stop. I hurried and ran inside with her to the bathroom. We got her all cleaned up and started to walk back outside. She must have been angled just right so that her belly was pressed against my shoulder...because as we were almost to the door she upchucked all over the Nissan dealership floor. OH MY GOSH! Snot then barf!! Ugghh! How embarrasing. So I cleaned up the dang floor just as Brian arrived...Lucky butt! I handed the kids off to him and he took me to work and then took the kids home. Sabrie still had barf and snot in her hair so Brian put her into the tub. A few moments later he found that she had pooped in the tub! This was the first time she had ever done this!!! So he pulled her out and put her on the rug while he scooped the poop. To top it all off she went out with a bang and peed on the rug...

Thursday, May 7, 2009


I entered the Utah Jazz Locker room clean out contest on Utah thinking there was no way in heck I would ever win it. Here is the description of the contest...Have you ever wanted to feel what it’s like to fill the shoes of your favorite Jazz player? Now you can, literally. The Utah Jazz is granting fifteen lucky fans the opportunity to clean out the Utah Jazz Locker Room at the EnergySolutions Arena and keep whatever they find. You could walk away Boozer’s shoes, Deron’s jersey or Memo’s lucky shorts! Forget autographs and replicas – this is true Jazz memorabilia!!

Anyhow I completely forgot that I even entered. Brian called me and said,"Nicole are you a winner?" And I was like yah I'm a winner..."Nicole are you a true winner?" yah, quit jerking me around....Then he said"Have you entered any contests lately?" I said no. He said " You didn't enter a Jazz locker room cleanout?" I said ohhhhh myy gawshhhhh! Yes I did!!! The promotions director for the Jazz had left him a message on his phone. I called her back and she said that I really did win. I get to go to the Energy Solutions Arena on Monday morning at 6:20. Fox 13 will be there broadcasting. 15 People will pick a players name out of a hat and whatever player they get you then go to thier locker and see what presents they left out for you! I can't believe I got choosen for this! I am freaking out! I looooovvvvvvvvveeeeeeeee the JAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!