Monday, February 9, 2009

Grandpa Fry's 75th Birthday

My amazing Grandpa Fry turned a whopping 75 years old on January 29th. We all went up to his house for a wonderful dinner that Grandma prepared for us. It was so much fun to hang out with our favorite grandparents on this special day. Grandma is such a great cook. Here are a couple photos from the festivities.

20 Reasons I love my Grandpa:
1. The best darn back tickler ever
2. Always let me sleep in the bed with them
3. Pioneer park lessons
4. Table rules
5. Pride and Joy
6. He adopted my Dad
7. His love of christ
8. The hardships he has faced in his life
9. Coming through those to become the most amazing happy man
10. His smile is infectious
11. His sense of humor
12. His work ethic
13. He was a truck driver but not a creepy trucker
14. I can trust him
15. The way he treats my grandma
16. How he still loves my mom even though my parents are divorced
17. He came to my softball games
18. He was always there for me
19. He came to lunch with me one tuesday afternoon
20. He is my heart
Happy 75th Birthday you handsome beast! Love you sosososo much!