Friday, November 6, 2009

20 week visit

I had my 20 week visit yesterday and I have only gained 5 pounds total! I was super excited. I am measuring at 20 weeks and the baby sounded great. All my boodwork came back normal. He asked me if I had the H1N1 and flu shots yet and I told him no. I have been so nervous to get them after all the crazy stories out there. He said that he recommended it and they were having a special clinic for pregnant women to get the shot that day at the LDS hospital. He said they only had 300 shots so I would need to hurry. I felt like I was supposed to get it. So I drove up there and let them stick me. It wasn't to bad and I feel a little more at ease about not getting sick. All is going well and this pregnancy is not so bad...Although I still have 20 weeks to go. We will keep on truckin along!


The McClellan Clan said...

Hey sista I struggled about getting it too. But I kept researching and decided for it. I've had it for over 2 weeks now. And the first week I had it is when Kaelyn (might have) gotten swine flu. I got sick too, but they said since I had that shot in me (although it takes 2 weeks to go into total effect) it helped me not get so sick!! Good luck girl!!

Cash Family said...

I love that your prego! I love you! What names do you like??